T-cell Units 

Personalized antiviral T-cell immunotherapeutics 

The enrichment of clinical-grade antigen-specific T cells from suitable donors is performed aseptically under GMP-compliant conditions using the IFN-y CliniMACS Cytokine Capture System (CCS) and GMP-grade peptide pools of an immunogenic protein. The manufacturing license for generating clinical grade mono- and multi-virus specific T-cell products was obtained in accordance with  the German Medicines Act in March 27th, 2014.

The initial T-cell donor search is done by screening for antiviral T cells in stem cell, a haploidentical family, or (partially) HLA-matched unrelated third party donors from the alloCELL registry. T-cell donors are defined as eligible when seropositive and ≥0.01-0.03% specific IFN-γ+ T cells are detectable. If the stem cell donor or a family donor is not eligible, a related or at least 5/10 HLA matched alloCELL donor is chosen.

Highly effective clinical-grade T-cell units are in-time manufactured under GMP.

To date more then 450 mono- and multivirusspezific T-cell units have been generated for application in patients.

If you have a patient, who is in need of: 

  • a personalized antiviral immunotherapeutic T-cell product
  • a third party T-cell donor from alloCELL registry 

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